Mentalism, Incorporated

The best selling book on Mentalism in 2003 and 2004. Over 2000 copies sold…and that’s impressive for a first-time author writing a book on Mentalism.

This book is a “must read” for anyone who has a serious interest in performing mentalism. Nine exciting routines from Chuck’s current corporate show are explained along with the thinking behind his corporate act.

A complete description of Mentalism, Incorporated can be found

Price $60 plus $3 postage (Overseas add $7)

Mentalism, Incorporated
Volume Two

Mentalism, Incorporated: Volume Two continues and expands upon the philosophy and perspectives presented in the highly acclaimed Mentalism, Incorporated - one of the best selling books on Mentalism during 2003 and 2004.

This book is designed to help the reader become a better, more entertaining mentalist. Volume Two combines proven suggestions for performing mentalism along with easy to learn routines. Consider what Ken Weber – author of Maximum Entertainment – says:

“If you are into mentalism, this is a book you MUST own. It's full of ready-to-use routines and thoughtful, practical commentary.”

A complete description of Mentalism, Incorporated: Volume Two can be found

Price $45 plus $3 postage (Overseas add $7)

Thought-Full Telepathy

If you perform a telepathy routine, this 64 page booklet is a must! It contains proven methods and strategies for making any telepathy demonstration more believable, amazing, and entertaining.

Using just one gaffed book, you learn how to quickly reveal the thoughts of seven people in your audience. You receive Chuck’s complete script in addition to full descriptions of the three easy-to-learn methods he uses. But, it is the 15 page section on presentational concepts that will appeal to the serious mentalist - offering many practical tips and ideas you can use immediately.

This routine uses a common mentalism tool - a flashback book - that is not included. E-mail Chuck for the sources for the necessary tool.

Price $35. (Post Paid anywhere in the World.)


A New, Powerful Forcing Tool for the Serious Mentalist

Effect: The performer fairly displays a newspaper article in one hand. The performer asks an audience member to tell him  where to cut the newspaper article. It is a true free choice of 60 lines. The article is cut, the audience member picks up the piece of newspaper that fell to the floor, and reads the top line of text. No switches. The top line of text matches the performer’s prediction.

And, here what’s NEW... you quickly and easily create the exact line of text that is read! This line can contain your name, a funny line of text, or any text you want to force. Or, the text could name an item in a package you mailed weeks before. It’s this flexibility that makes Snipper different from anything similar being sold.

It takes less than three minutes to customize and print an article on the genuine newsprint that is supplied.

NOTE: You must have access to a computer and Microsoft Word software to use this clever 21st century Mentalism tool.

Price $40. plus $3 postage (Overseas add $8)

Pop-eyed Popper Postcard Deck

Available again after three years off the market.

Effect: The performer shows several different postcards. Each postcard displays a different California scene. An audience member fairly selects any postcard. It is a true free choice! The postcard selected matches the performer’s prediction. No switches.

Easy to do! Use it anytime you need a fair and convincing force. A perfect force to end a Mental Epic routine.

You receive 15 sets of postcards, 15 extra force postcards, and that special something. And, you also receive a clever three-phase routine I have been using for years.

Price $40. plus $3 postage (Overseas add $8)

Postcard Memory Demonstration

A fair, interesting, and powerful memory demonstration.

Effect The performer presents three quick, amazing, and entertaining demonstrations of memory skills using a stack of 50 state postcards. Each demonstration becomes progressively more impressive and entertaining.

People will be genuinely amazed by your memory skills. This looks so real. And, this routine is easy to learn. No gaffs. No marked postcards. I suspect you will be surprised at how little real memory work is involved.

You receive 50 beautiful postcards (one for each of the 50 states) and one of the cleverest memory routines I’ve created. I use this routine as an ice-breaker…or as an encore. It’s that convincing!

Price $40. plus $3 postage (Overseas add $8) E-mail Chuck for special pricing for owners of Mentalism, Incorporated: Volume Two.

Diagonal Magic Square

At last, an easy-to-learn way to do a Magic Square that you can repeat again and again without people discovering your method.

Here's what more amazing - You ask for and use four random numbers to build your Magic Square! Place these four numbers in one of the diagonals...and then quickly and effortlessly fill in the remaining 12 numbers.

It seems impossible. Yet, you can learn this with about 30 to 45 minutes of practice. Just complete the custom-designed exercises in the Learning Guide, and you will have something impressive you can use anytime...anywhere.

Perfect for giving numerology readings.  

Only 250 numbered copies will be sold.

SOLD OUT!   E-mail Chuck concerning the availability of repurchased copies.


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